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Nutritional Pyramid

May 20th, 2009 · No Comments

“Getting Peak Performance by Promoting the Synergetic Effect of Selecting Foods in Balanced Proportions”

The Pyramid clearly shows that eating 4-6 small meals each day is better than 3 large meals.And you should select foods from each group allowing sufficient time for digestion before eating the next group.

The Nutritional Pyramid is important to your health.

Understanding it can make eating fun again, like when you were young. What it does for you:

- Clearly identifies the Food Groups you should take nutrition from so that your body can best perform.

- Helps to remove “Guilt” many of us experience when selecting food. For it is now well established that if food is taken in these proportions you will be able to control your weight, handle your daily stress, do your job and have sufficient energy to enjoy leisure activities.

Nutritional Pyramid

Nutritional Pyramid

- Clearly illustrates the importance of knowing which group of food is in. With this knowledge you will:

a) Improve your ability to combine foods at a meal thereby getting maximum nutritional benefit.

b) Tend to eat smaller meals 4-6 times a day.

What it does NOT do for you:

- Determine your specific nutritional needs. It is a general illustration for everybody.

- Tell you which Food Group to eat when you want to sleep well, be mentally alert at a certain time, play sports or exercise, have a fun filled holiday, etc., etc.

My Body™ Performance Programme can do this for you.

The Pyramid shows that a variety of foods every day is the way to maintain your health.

Bad Meals that Damage the Nutritional Pyramid

Food combinations that may damage the Nutritional Pyramid and destroy the nutritional value of the food are given below.


Sugar Coated Cereal with Whole Milk

2 Fried Eggs

2 Slices of White Bread with Butter+Jam

Coffee with Sugar+Milk

Calories = 800

Protein = 14%

Carbohydrates = 42%

Fat = 44%


Quarter Pound Hamburger


Milk Shake

Ice Cream Sundae

Calories = 1331

Protein = 15%

Carbohydrates = 46%

Fat = 39%


Fried Steak

Fried Vegetable Mix

Baked Potato with Butter, Sour Cream, Cheese


Calories = 1610

Protein = 17%

Carbohydrates = 35%

Fat = 48%

In all of the above meals the sugar content probably does the most damage to your digestion processes thereby limiting the nutritional benefit you would get from the protein, fat and carbohydrates. Please remember to eat LITTLE or NO sugar products, but if you do, eat them as a snack.

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