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Five steps to better digestion

May 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Food combining can be condensed into five simple steps.

• Eat 80% alkaline forming foods, 20 % acid forming foods.

This means eating vast quantities of vegetables and fruit, and less concentrated protein foods like pulses and wholegrains, instead of meat, fish, cheese and eggs.

• Eat fast fermenting and acid fruits on own as snacks.
Most soft fruits ferment quickly. These include peaches, plums, mangoes, papayas, strawberries and melons. High acid fruits (although alkaline forming) may also inhibit digestion of carbohydrate. This includes oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and pineapple. These fruits require little digestion, releasing their fructose content quickly. Eat them on their own when you need an energy boost.

• Eat animal protein on its own with vegetables.
Concentrated protein like meat, fish hard cheese and eggs require large amounts of stomach acid and a long stay in the stomach (around 3 hours) to be digested. So don’t combine fast-releasing or refined carbohydrates or food that ferments with animal protein.

• Avoid all refined carbohydrates. Eat unrefined, fast-releasing carbohydrates with unrefined slowreleasing carbohydrates.
Fruits that don’t readily ferment, such as bananas, apples and coconut, can be combined with slow-releasing carbohydrate cereals like oats and millet.

• Don’t eat until your body is wide awake. Don’t digest when your body is asleep.
Leave at least an hour between waking and eating. If you exercise in the morning eat after this. Never start your day with a stimulant (tea, coffee, cigarette). The ’stress’ state inhibits digestion. Eat only carbohydrate based breakfasts such as cereal and fruit, just fruit, or wholegrain rye toast.

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