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Rules that lead to Beneficial Nutrition

May 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Rules on Good Nutrition are numerous. Listed here are some of the easy to remember ones that are quite beneficial.


- Make it look, feel, taste, and smell good.
- Have fun eating. Enjoy the pleasure of it. Share good wholesome food with friends.
- Women nutritional needs are different than men. Children needs are different than adults. Recognise this important consideration and encourage the eating of different foods at meal time.
- Eat often a variety of foods. Especially vegetables and complex carbohydrates. There are micro-nutrients you may require that another person does not and these are only got by eating many different foods.
- Eat 5-8 times a day. Get away from 3 “big” meals.
- Eat fruit or honey. Keep away from sugar, candy, chocolate - eat these on Sundays only, i.e. one day a week. It’s the easiest way to reduce calories without loosing nutrients.
- Read labels and choose prepared or pre-cooked food that have the least amount of fat, salt, sugar and preservatives.

Handling and preparing food

- Pay close attention to the “use by” date. Eat fresh food. Buy in small quantities and use immediately.
- Keep frozen and chilled foods cold until they are to be used. Do not re-freeze frozen food.
- Be careful not to overload the fridge or freezer. You will then cause a multitude of food to loose it’s nutrients, for the fridge then cannot cool properly.
- Store cooked food at top of fridge and cover it well to prevent dripping onto the raw food stored at the bottom of the fridge.
- Wash your hands before handling foods and in between handling several types of food. Wash with antibacterial soap.
- Always use clean knives and work surface. Wash with a soap the knifes and the work surface as you go from handling raw to cooked foods. Daily, change your wash-up cloth with a clean one. A wash-up cloth is a fertile breeding ground for all types of harmful bacteria.
- Minimise frying foods. If you must fry in an oil avoid the use of oils high in polyunsaturates. Grill, bake, broil or microwave food instead of frying.
- Try not to use salt in the preparation of food. Use herbs, lemon juice, spices to flavour. Let the person salt to their own taste, and salt only after you’ve tasted the food.

- Remember the “Do’s and Don’ts” of Food Combining when preparing a meal.

These rules would not be completed if we failed to again emphasise:

- Don’t drink liquids with the meal or immediately after it. These dilute and interfere with the digestive juices.
- Don’t smoke or drink coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol and wine in excess. Moderation and timing are very important with these substances if you find abstention to be impossible.

You will find that by following these few rules, you’ll begin to get more out of the food and drink you take. You’ll also enjoy your food more through an appreciation of knowing what it takes to prepare a well-balanced, nutritional meal.

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of your lifestyle and fitness goals.

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