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You and your weight loss journal

May 20th, 2009 · No Comments

What is the primary cause behind weight gain? Food. That means that if you control your food habits, you will be able to lose weight successfully. However, before you can change your food habits, you need to know about your current eating habits. This is the reason why must keep a food weight loss journal in order to track your food habits.

Most people hate to maintain a food weight loss journal because they think that it is extremely tedious and boring to keep track of everything that they eat. However, remember that in order to lose weight, you must work hard, and keeping a food weight loss journal is the least you can do. Trust me, once you start keeping a food weight loss journal, it will pay you off big time.

How can a food weight loss journal benefit you? Well, there are many advantages of keeping one. First of all, you can track your current lifestyle pattern - your good and bad habits, your food habits, etc. You can then decide what to do in order to change the bad habit into a good one. Let’s for example say that you have a bad habit of eating a bowl of chocolate soup every night. I call this bad habit because a chocolate soup is a calorie-rich food that will make you gain weight. Anyways, you write down about that habit in your journal. Then you can think of an alternative - say for example, you can replace that bowl of chocolate soup with a bunch of carrots. Carrots are low on calorie content and extremely nutritious; carrots will also fill your stomach quicker than that chocolate soup.

It is not that a food weight loss journal should only keep track of your foods. It can also contain stats about your body: you age, waistline stats, overall body weight, etc. You can also write about your relationships and also your looks and overall appearance and personality. If you feel that this is too private information to write down in black and white, you can write them on an online journal or blog. Remember that it is free and private.

A food weight loss journal should also track the kind of workouts you are doing everyday. Remember that workouts are extremely important for quick weight loss, and once you note down your workouts, you will find which one is working better for your body. If you find that you are losing more weight by doing a particular exercise, you can switch to that full-time.

As you can see, a food weight loss journal can help you in more than one way. If you don’t have a food weight loss journal yet, it is time to create one now.

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